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The old system of amils continued to be maintained in its entreaty and the amils were allowed to exact from the cultivators whatever they could collect or extort. The city Pilibhit was an administrative unit in the Mughal era under Bareilly suba.

Basti district

They were deeply influenced by the teachings of two great religious exponents-Mahavira and Buddha and Jainism and Buddhism found many followers among the Mallas. The freedom fighters broke open the jail at Sikandarpur in tahsil Bansdih and set the prisoners free.

The latter, ina became subtehsil dependent on Pilibhit. Kautilya, who took a leading part in this revolution, mentions in his Arthsastra that this republic was a Samgha, or a state in a federation. The Maukharis were subdued by Harsha Varhsana who established an extensive empire, the district continuing to form part of the Varshana empire During his reign Hiuen Tsang another famous Chinese pilgrim and a Buddhist monk, came from China and passed through this district on his way from Varanasi to Nepal, He describes the Buddhist monastery of Aviddhakarba which he calls A-pi-te-ka-la-na Sangharama the monastery of the brethren with unpierced ears situated close to the town of Ballia.

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The freedom fighters broke open the jail at Sikandarpur in tahsil Bansdih and set the prisoners free. On 26 JanuaryShuja-ud-daula died and was succeeded by his son, Asaf-ud-daula, who was transferred to the East India Company the sovereignty of the district including Ballia dependent on Chait Singh under the treaty Signed at Lucknow on 21 May Nearly all the prominent local leaders were put behind the bars.

Ballia district

But the movement continued till Under the Government of India Act ofthe Indian National Congress decided to contest the elections for the Provincial Assembly and both the seats allotted to the district were assembled, Rafi Ahmad Kidwai and Sampurnanand urged the support of the Congress.

Undeterred by the firing, the deaths and the injuries, people maintained pressure to gain control of the police-station as they were determined to capture the police officer and others responsible for the firing but at dead of night, when it was raining, the police staff slipped away, and the thana was captured the next morning.

The facility could be restricted to the tariff plan within the prescribed limit in monetary term that the concerned retired employee is eligible to get, had he been provided a concessional telephone connection. His retreat from the Ballia region did not break the will of the freedom fighters, most of whom had their homes in Ballia.

The Afghans under Mahmud Sikandar Lodi's son reached the north bank of the Ghaghra while Babur reached Ghazipur by the Ganga and then went on to Chaunsa, touching the border of the district as well. They appealed for the promotion of swadeshi particularly the revival of hand spinning and hand weaving and hand weaving, removal of untouchability among the Hindus, promotion of Hindu-Muslim unity and prohibition of the use of alcoholic drinks.

The history of Ballia during the interval between Harsha's death and the rise of Yashovarman nearly three-quarters of a century later, is again obscure. Garha was the property of Brahmanas or of Rajputs.

Ballia district

Many contracted diseases by the time they were released but when the Congress was in power in Ballia, government officers were well treated.

According to a government report, seven out of ten police-stations of the district were in the hands of the freedom fighters and Congress raj had been proclaimed.

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Basti district is one of the districts of Uttar Pradesh state, India, and a part of Basti Division. Basti town is the district headquarters. In the freedom struggle ofabout martyrs of Amorha State were hanged by the British Government from peepal trees located at Chhawani.

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DISTRICT BROCHURE OF BALLIA DISTRICT, U.P. (A.A.P.: ) By P.K. Tripathi Scientist 'B' CONTENTS Chapter Title Page No. DISTRICT AT A GLANCE INTRODUCTION Ballia district, the eastern most part of the Uttar Pradesh lies between 25°23".

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