How to write a summary igcse english

After many years of preparing for the exam, all the hard work paid off at this moment. Some of the desired product may be lost during its separation from the reaction mixture.

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The relevance of some points will be more obvious than the relevance of others — you will need to read very carefully and think very carefully in order to judge relevance.

However, before writing have a look at your corrected homework: Classical economists contended that goods were objects of value over which ownership rights could be established and exchanged.

Moving into that freezing wind, with all its chill factor, brought home to us the reality and extremity of our location. They are free to make any sensible comment, but only credit those that are relevant to the correct meanings of the words and that have some validity.

Another whiz and a stinging sharp pain in my thigh - instinctually I smacked at it, but it was no wasp. It is certainly not Hairy Stinkweed. What is the effect of that word in that passage.

A student started with I gazed at myriads of fish with their dazzling colours darting, cruising or just lazing between the crevices. The Institute reserves the right to vary the examination rules as and when it is necessary.

This will help you to keep focused on selecting relevant ideas only as you reread. At a mutual sign we dropped the bags and ran for it. In voodoo they cannot exist without a master — in this case, undoubtedly Aunt Pegg.


The women are responsible for looking after the family. Nerdvark crossed out the repeated bits when he revised the piece. I never thought I would do it, but as soon as I had crawled out of the water, I dropped to my knees and kissed the white salty beach below me.

The description starts with an outpouring of hatred. About words "Ban the car. Requests to change from one examination centre to another will not be considered after the closing date for entries, unless the student has moved permanently to a considerable distance.

The meat is divided among all the hunters 9. Your summary should be about words not more than What would you do with our fish. FOR AGAINST Examinations test only a limited range of skills; they favour people who have a good memory and good "exam techniques" even though they may not be very original or imaginative.

The USA has more cars than any other country, yet its accident rate is less than half that of many European countries.

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Use a concise, formal, impersonal style Use key words from the question, e. General notes on likely content: Research has proven that different examiners grade student papers differently; indeed, the same examiner will often give different marks to the same paper after a few months.

The sugary, salty foods we loved were locked away, and eating our morning bowlful was a lonely marathon. 1. Long sentences - (1) writers create a list of fearful or worrying details, which creates an overwhelming, claustrophobic or intense feeling.

(2) Writers build suspense by leaving the most shocking thing to the end of a long sentence. + Get more on how to build tension through sentence construction here.

iGCSE – Songs of Ourselves – Volume 2, Part 1 (Love and Family)

A slideshow designed for OCR English GCSE Unit 1 Task 1 which requires students to write a summary of an unseen non-fiction stimulus in 35 minutes. IGCSE ENGLISH LANGUAGE Revision session one. IGCSE Extended Sample 1. IGCSE ENGLISH LANGUAGE Revision session one 3 questions 1 Directed writing This is when the examiner asks you to write something e.g.

a letter, an interview, a journal or a report using the information you have read. Turnitin provides instructors with the tools to prevent plagiarism, engage students in the writing process, and provide personalized feedback.

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How to write a summary in English

Revising for your English examination is not as straightforward as in other subjects since you do not have a body of content to learn. On the other hand, there are some useful things you can do. Practise reading texts (e.g.

GCSE AQA Chemistry Chemical Calculations Questions C4 Third Edition

in newspapers, magazines or textbooks) and making notes of the main points; Use a thesaurus to build up collections of vocabulary – e.g. assorted ways of expressing.

How to write a summary igcse english
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